Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sa - Punë handmade Coconut and olive oil soaps from the Roma/Ashkali in Fushë Kosovë, Kosovo

If you are looking for a nice gift, consider helping out the impoverished Roma/Ashkali community in Kosovo by buying some beautiful, low priced and hiqh quality handmade soap from them.
"Sa - Punë" is a micro finance project from the ideas partnership (,
an initiative from the author and activist Elizabeth Gowing ( and others working with her. 
The name "Sa - Punë" is based on the term "sa punë" (albanian for how much work), and is a play on words from the albanian (and italian) term "sapone" for soap.

They are helping the Roma/Ashkali community in Fushë Kosovë who lives in bitter poverty.
Proceeds from the sale of the soap directly helps these people.
The latest product is a handmade coconut and olive oil soap. It is made from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil & Essential Oils, and made with no animal products or testing.

The price for a package of soap is only 2€, ( and in quantities of more than 50+ soaps only 1.5€).

Article about the project :,1034,579

Phone: (+377) 44 686 108
Images sent to me from Sa - Punë, and made by Antje Schley.

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